Serie CHP, carbon steel high pressure filters 400 bar

CHP_1.pngCHP carbon steel high pressure filters have been developed for high efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons and other vapours from compressed air systems. To meet the required compressed air quality appropriate filter element (B, P, R, M, S, A) must be installed into filter housing.


operating pressure 100, 250, 400 bar
volume flow rate  40 to 715 Nm3/h
connections  1/4’’ to 2’’
operating temp. range     
 1,5 to 65 °C
surface protection  Nickel plated 25 μm


• general industrial applications
• automotive
• electronics
• food and beverage
• chemical
• petrochemical
• plastics
• pain

Technical data

1) B filter element can be cleaned with ultrasonic bath or with back flushing. Intervals of cleaning depends of application. If necessary replace filter element with new one.
2) Filter elements ’A’, must be changed periodically to suit application, but at least 6 months. Activated carbon filters must not operate in oil saturated conditions.
3) Valid if ''S'' filter installed upstream.